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Hoverboard sessions are HOT!!!

It’s the summer of the Hoverboard! Nearly every day we get calls asking about the hoverboard and we thought we would try to answer your questions up front…


  1. The #1 question we get about the hoverboard is “Is it hard?” The answer is actually “NO!” The hoverboard is super easy to learn. We have had kids as young as 7 get up and ride the hover board. This is a great activity for any age and ability.
  2. Kiteboarders and surfers are some of our favorite clients! No wind, no waves….no problem! We can have you riding in any weather conditions.
  3. Do you have a big group? Awesome! Bring the whole gang – Outer Banks Jetovator has a great party island to hang out on while you wait your turn. Feel free to bring a cooler with water, some towels, some music and don’t forget your camera!
  4. Are you worried the Hoverboard or the Jetovator is too much for your sense of adventure? Relax! Not everyone has to fly way up in the air. YOU set the tone and the pace – leave it up to us to make sure you have a great time!

Give us a call at 252-305-3394 to book your Hoverboard adventure!

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Top 10 things to do on the Outer Banks!


If you are looking for something fun and exciting to do on vacation, check us out! On pretty much every single top ten list of vacation activities out there, Outer Banks Jetovator is the only jet-propelled water sports center on the Outer Banks! We fly folks of all ages, shapes and sizes and offer GoPro footage with every session!

Give us a call to book your session! 252-305-3394

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