OBX Hoverboard FAQ

Hoverboard PartsThe Hoverboard functions in a similar way to the Jetovator; a manifold attaches to the jet ski and redirects the jet power out the front of the ski into a wide hose, which then attaches to a board that you can ride on.  The board itself most closely resembles a snowboard.  Individuals with board skills (surfing, wakeboarding, kiteboarding, snowboarding, and skateboarding) say the hoverboard is the most exhilarating combination of boardsports that exists in the world today. We couldn’t agree more!

Zapata Hoverboard 1

With over 20 years of experience teaching and developing the sport of kiteboarding, Outer Banks Jetovator is most excited to have a way to enjoy getting out on the water on no-wind or light-wind days this fall and winter with the hoverboard.

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